A Hobby or a Business?


Many times over the course of my life I dabbled in businesses ‘on the side’.  I held my full time position as someone’s employee but would create side businesses for additional income, always with the intent of someday owning  a business.  All of them had great potential, but not while I operated them as a hobby instead of a legitimate business.   So inevitably, I would return my concentration to my career and  I spent years in management using my talents to build other peoples’ businesses. I had become an expert over the years in operations and identifying the key problem areas of businesses so that meant I also knew how to avoid  them.  When I finally bit the bullet and created K-LO Enterprises, my business consulting firm, my goal was to assist both new and existing businesses to develop and/or restructure their processes to help them create well oiled machines of their businesses. So when the opportunity presented itself to assist in building a company from the ground up I jumped at the chance.  This was my big break, or so I thought.  What I didn’t realize at the time was I was still in employee mode because I was about to embark on, once again, building someone else’s fortune,  neglecting the nurturing of my own business because I was consumed in someone else’s.  Sure, it was exciting and invigorating to build this company and it paid well.  But it only paid until, well, until it didn’t anymore.

I built the infrastructure and all internal processes for this company from the ground up: I hired and fired and solved every problem that arose:   0-$3 million in 3 years, and not without maneuvering many obstacles.  It was a unique business model  and I not only kept this company going but I helped it grow in the most unforeseen circumstances.   A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this company:  This was my baby!  My baby that is, until, well, until it wasn’t anymore.  The contract ended.

O-$3 million in 3 years:  $3 million to 0 in 90 days.  As I sat back and looked at my ‘business’ I realized I never treated it seriously.  I treated my skills and abilities in building a business very seriously but neglected to focus on nurturing my business:  I didn’t market; I didn’t network; I got caught up in the excitement of building a business but it wasn’t my business I was building.  For all practical purposes I was the acting COO of someone else’s company.  And in a split second, it was gone and I was left with nothing.

It was a bitter lesson but one well learned.  I realized if I wanted to attract clients that took my business seriously I had to take it seriously first.  I can take you from 0-$3 million, or I can teach  you how to do it.  In teaching, we both benefit.  I am in the business of teaching others how to build their business.  So my question to you is do you want to build a business or have a hobby?  Utilize your skills and talents and build a business for YOU!  K-LO will teach you the Rules of Flight to get your plane off the ground and keep it in the air. Come fly with us!    

K-LO, 3/25/2013