Meet K-LO and Excel!

As a senior leader with 20 years of experience partnering with existing and start-up companies to establish procedures & policies, budgeting and staffing requirements, in 2007, I established K-LO Enterprises, Inc, and began working as a Business Operations Consultant. I have been characterized by my clients and colleagues as an ambitious problem solver who utilizes an analytical /quantitative approach to break down organizational barriers, identify and structure process driven business transformations. I have a verifiable track record of steering significant improvements in performance, working closely with functional business units in a manner that will direct process mapping, technology upgrades, documentation, and monitoring systems to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Earning a full academic scholarship to Florida International University, I studied Engineering and Mathematical Science. Early in my career I discovered the inherent need to know everything about everything when it came to business and it was then I realized my true potential for identifying gaps in business operations and implementing processes of corrective action. I wasn’t interested in the mundane, I enjoyed figuring out the problems and identifying solutions to correct them.  I found that my employers were utilizing my abilities as a ‘fixer’ in different areas of the business.  It was after several years of doing this on the job that I decided to begin consulting.”

I treat every’ business as if it were my own and assist the business owners in making their visions their realities.

My passion in life has always been in service to others with a strong desire to make a difference in the world. My vision is to utilize K-LO Enterprises and my ability to blue print businesses in building my  Non-profit organization, The Family Hope Foundation (FHF). The foundation was the brainstorm of me and a dear friend.  Myself, as a divorced single mother for more than 20 years and he as a newly divorced father of three, one child with special needs.  We spent hours talking about the breakdown of the family structure and the needs that existed to develop programs focused on spiritual growth and values that foster confident, motivated and successful leaders for tomorrow.  It is through this foundation that I plan to branch “Heaven’s Houses”, beginning with “Trent’s House”, an adult daycare for Special Needs persons.”

Now let me share with you, what some may see as a challenge and why I have my “trusted partner” Excel in my banner above.

You see, I was born with a degenerative hearing impairment. Nerve endings that never fully developed inhibited my hearing of high-pitched frequencies. Diagnosed in my early teens, by early adulthood, (22 years old to be exact) I began wearing hearing aids. I became a lip reader, through no real effort of my own, simply by being focused on people’s mouths when they spoke. 75% of my communication is done through lip reading. I never considered myself to be disabled or even impaired. As I got older I realized it was really more of an asset than a detriment. I paid much closer attention than most because I had to and therefore I picked up things many others would miss. I can come out of meetings and tell those that were ‘listening’, things that they missed. There are some situations that are a challenge for me but I never let it stop me from moving forward.  I never say “I can’t because I can’t hear”.  I CAN, I just sometimes need to do it differently than others.   So the hearing issue never hampered me, it just was.  It was not until 2008 that there was an incident that made me realize I had to accept that a challenge existed and could sometimes place me in compromising positions.  Therefore I began to explore the avenue of getting a service dog.

My research led me to CCI, a non-profit organization that trains assistance dogs, including Hearing Dogs. In 2010 I applied for and was accepted onto the waiting list. In June of 2012 I was called to training in Santa Rosa, CA to be partnered with my assistance dog. Now being a Business Operations Consultant, I do a lot of work with Excel spreadsheets. I had just completed a project where I actually ran the entire company off of spreadsheets for almost two years, while designing custom software. So you can imagine my surprise when they brought me a dog and said “Meet Excel”. I knew from the moment I looked into those big brown eyes he was soon to be an Angel in my life. He has become my best friend and guardian, alerting me to those sounds I cannot hear on my own. Were it not for his presence, many never detect my inability to hear well. I share that with you to explain my trusted partner and Angel.

We would be honored to be one of your “trusted partners” in your business operations.

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