Are You Attracting the Right People?

We’re all familiar with The Law of Attraction:  you have to project what you want to attract. Some people find that easy in their personal life but somehow lose the translation when it comes to business.  Are you attracting the right clients for your business or do you feel like you’re in a drought? Let’s take a look at some significant signs to determine who you are or are not attracting.

First, do you know who your perfect client is and where they are located?  You have to be certain of what you offer, who needs it, who can afford it and where you can locate them.  An interior designer for high end clients should not be spending time or money reaching out in areas with an average income.  If you have services to offer new businesses, corporate America is not your ideal marketplace.  You need to attract the people that not only need what you offer but can afford it as well.  So make sure you are networking in the right circles to attract the perfect client for your business.  Time is limited and you don’t want to waste it networking or marketing in the wrong areas.

Next, you need to determine if you have legitimized your business.  If you’re not taking your business seriously don’t expect your potential client to either.   In my 4 Steps to Legitimize your Business, the first step is about creating an Entity (incorporating) and a business bank account.  You have to make your business a real business to attract real clients.  You will never grow a business with an appearance that it is a hobby versus a legitimate business that you are building.  Take the time to incorporate your business, establish a business bank account and add a face to your business.  Show your clients you mean business!

Finally, dress for success.  It’s very difficult to look at someone that appears disheveled and out of sorts as a serious business person.  Now I’m not telling you to be someone you’re not but you have to think about who you want to attract.  If you’re selling bookkeeping services you certainly should not be dressed the same as someone that sells water sports lessons.  I recently met someone that had been in business for years and extremely good at her craft, yet she had only generated enough business to barely get by.  When she asked me if I could determine why,  it was an easy fix:  She had never established a real business and her attire did not project the image needed to attract the right clients.  Dress for Success is a big one and it doesn’t have to mean a business suit:  it means project what you

In everything you do, your business included, ask yourself the image you are projecting and if it will attract your ideal.