Are You Committed?


How many times do we use the word want or interested when we are talking about our business?  As a Business Transformational Consultant, I ask my clients, “How can I help you with your business?”  The most popular responses are “I want to increase my revenue;”  “I’m interested in expanding into new modalities;”  “I want to work less but make more;”  They want it all, but then when they realize what they need to do to make it happen, hesitation and procrastination take over.  They don’t want to spend money, take the time or put in the effort.  I used to say “What are you willing to do to achieve the goal?”  Well the new question is “What are you committed to doing to achieve your goal? 

The definition of commit is to pledge to a position; to express intention.   When you’re committed, you don’t quit and you don’t make excuses. You push on and through anything that is thrown your way and you don’t stop until you reach your destination.  There are no buts, I’ll try, it’s uncomfortable or I hope:   there are only DOs!  I WILL do it and I won’t stop until it’s done.  When you’re committed to something, there are results, not excuses.  You take the risks, you make the sacrifices and as I heard someone say recently ‘you get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

There is a huge difference between wanting something, being interest in something and being committed:  We have to be committed 100% to making it happen or it won’t.  It’s that simple.  If you want things to change, make the commitment.  Step out in confidence knowing you have the ability to do

what it takes, and then do it, whatever it is, to achieve the goal.  What are you willing to commit to so you can get your plane in the air and keep it there?