Karen Landos ebook
Whether you are an entrepreneur, an independent broker or an ecommerce owner, you are a business owner and you want to take full advantage of what
that means. Here are four (4) quick steps to legitimizing your business. Taking these first steps will assist in building a solid infra-structure for your company and prepare you for growth. Whether you intend to stay as a solo-preneur or dream of having employees, the sky is your limit so prepare
yourself to control how high you want to fly.




This book will make you laugh; it may make you cry, but more importantly it may help you discover the presence of the real you that is buried inside and bursting to be set free! Born with a degenerative hearing impairment, Karen’s challenge was in navigating through life accompanied by, for all practical purposes, an invisible condition.  Between Two Worlds began as a story of her journey to describe the challenges and misconceptions, along with all the successes and accomplishments, of navigating the hearing world from a silent and invisible place.

Her initial goal was to open the world to a better understanding of the issues surrounding the hearing impaired, but it soon became apparent that in her search for truth, she discovered that the deep inner silence was about more than a simple hearing loss. It was about being stifled and losing herself. In peeling away the masks that many of us have also hidden behind for many years, she discovers the real person inside and moves us to join her in a world of light, laughter and loving that she never believed possible.  Karen leads you in “Between Two Worlds” to uncover your own magical place of deep inner peace and joy.