K-LO is proud to present the first in a series of workshops.  The Rules of Flight  have been designed to teach the key steps of getting your plane off the ground smoothly.  These are steps I use in building and/or reorganizing a business infrastructure. The documents that you develop in these workshps are living documents so we will also discuss how and when to fine tune them.  Except for the Introduction workshop, all other workshops are limited to ten (10) attendees.

For information on the dates of the workshops, check the calendar of events or email


INTRO TO RULES OF FLIGHT                                                                                                                 $  69

This two (2) hour workshop is an introduction to the Flight Series workshops.  It gives you an overview of the three (3) main workshops, what they cover, what you’ll learn and why it’s important.


DESIGN YOUR FLIGHT PLAN – (BLUEPRINTING YOUR BUSINESS)                                               $197

In four (4) hours you will learn how to design a flight plan for your business:  a step by step outline of the daily processes of your business.  For multi-department businesses, this is a process to be used in each department.  This flight plan can later be used when developing your Flight Manual.  At the end of the workshop you will have a step by step outline of your business model  that can be used to develop your Flight Manual.  The Workshop includes an electronic as well as a hard copy of the manual.


DEVELOPING YOUR FLIGHT MANUAL – (OPERATIONS MANUAL)                                              $397

This six (6) hour workshop will teach you how to use your Flight Plan as an outline and develop your in depth Flight Manual.  It will walk you through identifying the repeatable tasks, determining the one best way and documenting the processes.  At the end of this workshop you will have completed processes for a  part of your flight plan as well as developed the skills needed for completing your Flight Manual.   NOTE:  While it is not mandatory,  it is highly recommended that you complete Workshop 1 prior to this second workshop in the series.  The Workshop includes an electronic as well as a hard copy of the manual.


YOU AND YOUR FLIGHT CREW (HUMAN RESOURCES)                                                                 $497

This eight (8) hour workshop will show you how to build your HR processes and the programs to turn your flight crew into a Dream Team.  It will take you through the steps of documentation processes, employee files and show you how to determine the best programs for your business.  At the end of this workshop you will have an outline for your HR training and incentive programs. This Workshop includes an electronic as well as a hard copy of the manual, which includes standard HR templates for developing your custom forms.


Earn your Wings                                                                                                                             $890

This is a two day workshop that includes Designing Your Flight Plan, Developing Your Flight Manual and  You and Your Flight Crew.