“K-LO offered sound business advise and direction when we were establishing our 501c organization.  After listening to our goals and desires for the company, she developed an outline to give us direction on how to get there”.

Nanci Johnson, Enterpreneur


“When opening our new construction office, K-LO came in and quickly set us on the right path with standard policies and procedures for the office operations, along with developing all our HR paperwork and processes.

Robert Sousa,V.P.

Cabrera Construction Services, LLC


“Approaching responsibilities with a ‘business owner’s mentality’ and a focus on both profitability and customer satisfaction, K-LO was a critical component in the company’s success. The breadth of knowledge and experience she offered made K-LO a valuable asset”.

Robert Kusher, President



“Karen’s knowledge of business operations and her ability to clearly communicate detailed requirements for developing Web-based applications helped us to deliver state-of-the art software to our client in a timely manner.  She showed an ability to find robust and scalable solutions and at the same time keep all the projects delivered on time and within budget”.

Mark Budnevich, V.P.

YURIMARK, Business Intelligence


“Karen Londos (K-LO) is a highly effective leader who achieves long term results while at the same time inspiring those who work with her. K-LO is a driver that accomplishes monumental goals. When working with an organization she has the unique ability to inspire and motivate through a sincere and genuine appreciation for the strengths and skills of those whom she leads. She embodies both character and competence. I highly recommend K-LO Enterprises to any organization that needs to get to the next level.”

Jackie Matos, President

Jackie Matos & Associates