As a Business Consultant I see many businesses struggling through their day to day functions, overwhelmed with frustration at the lack of results. Management blames lack of dedicated employees but more than 90% of the time the problem is not employee dedication or skills but lack of training. With no consistency in processes there will be no consistency in results and this creates frustration throughout the entire company. This is a scenario I see over and over again which is easily corrected with two key ingredients: Documented Processes and a structured Training Program.
Every company, no matter how big or small needs solid, documented processes for the repeatable tasks that they perform on a daily basis. There is a one best way of doing things and it needs to be identified, documented and adhered to. With solid, documented processes in place, you will get consistent results and that is a key in your business success and growth. Notice the emphasis on documenting the processes. Having them in your head and passing them on verbally is not sufficient. It’s like the game where you whisper something in someone’s ear and they continue repeating it through a chain of people. By the time it gets to the end of the chain, the message is entirely different than when it started. YOU MUST DOCUMENT!
The second ingredient is a proper training program. Many small to mid-sized companies are so inundated with work and employees wearing more than one hat that they do not take the time to create a solid training program. New team members are briefly introduced to what is expected of them and then ‘thrown to the wolves’ so to speak. So they fumble with the little information they are given and figure out some way to try to get to the end result. No consistency. It is not a lack of dedication causing your employees not to perform to your standard but rather a lack of processes to follow and training on these processes. The time and money spent on adequate training is far more efficient than the cost of retraining new employees.
If these two key areas are not solid it can affect every area of your operation. If you have difficulty with customer retention, company growth, cash flow or any key areas of your business, take a good look at your processes and training programs. A solid foundation creates a solid, prospering business and these are your keys.