Calling all new or soon to be business owners.  If you have decided to open a new business then we have what you are looking for. Join us for learning how to setup and present the whole package for your business.  For specific class information, see the event calendar or email


VISIT YOUR TRAVEL AGENT                                                                                                                            $  50

A two (2) hour question and answer session for new businesses to get the information they need and ask the questions they have pertaining to the start up of their business, choosing a name, branding and knowing how to prioritize the steps when the budget is tight.


PREPARING FOR FLIGHT                                                                                                                               $ 150

In this four (4) hour workshop you will learn how to establish your budget, setup your accounting system, create additional revenue streams and build a funnel for returning cash flow.    We will walk through the processes, complete a budget and discuss the accounting system that is right for you.


TAKE YOUR SEAT IN BUSINESS CLASS                                                                                                   $ 250

In six (6) hours you will learn that presentation is everything. You will dress not only yourself for success but your business and your business as well.  This workshop is presented by K-Lo and Kay Richardson, along with a special guest speaker.



QUICKBOOKS TRAINING – BEGINNERS                                                                                                    $ 100

A four (4) hour workshop on the basics of installing quickbooks, creating your chart of account and beginning balances and the basic usage of banking, AR, AP and end of month reports.  Anyone purchasing the Quickbooks software through K-LO enterprises will be eligible for a 10% discount.

QUICKBOOKS TRAINING – INTERMEDIATE                                                                                             $ 125

A four (4) hour workshop for those that know the basics but want to dig a little deeper.  You will learn about inventory control, cost of goods sold and customizing your monthly reports to suit your needs.  There is a 10% discount for anyone that attended the beginner class.  Workshop includes